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More Feline Feng Shui

Posted in Feng Shui, Future World, Mysticism, Occult, Relationships, World of Emotions with tags , , , , , on June 24, 2008 by wizardsmoke

I took my cat to the vet today. I didn’t tell the vet my feng shui theory, but then again, she’s actually sane (a.k.a. a machine of cold, logical western science!). One of my favorite “ultra-killing-science” instructors was mentioning the other day how feng shui is awesome and all, but it can’t make major changes in a short period of time or heal serious rifts. Like I once heard the story of a student who had a crappy marriage and bad feng shui in his abode, and radically improving the feng shui didn’t heal the marriage.

Of course, I think there is something completely usable, relevant and scientific to feng shui which makes me pursue it. I don’t particularly care for divination, though. Despite what I may have learned along the way, I never really wanted to learn that stuff. I don’t like the idea of looking into the future. I never practice tarot, card divination, crystal ball or looking glass stuff. Not interested! Well I am… just not in my own future.

But then again… isn’t medical science or practice related to divination? It’s just more concrete, so we think it’s the big kahuna — we think it isn’t so superstitious. But if you think about it, you go to a doctor and occasionally they give you a prediction: you will be healthy for a while, you have six months to live, etc. It’s not a whole lot different from a Chinese medical specialist who tells you which elements are out of balance in your body. Basically I think science is just saying, “well, if we have the evidence for this claim, there’s nothing you can do to refute it.” But evidence is only empirical data; data recorded within scientific mediums!

Not that I disagree. It’s a valid line of reasoning. It’s just that you can’t actually prove anything in life, or so the defeatist in me would say. Or I might phrase it, no matter what you prove, nothing is 100% for certain. Things always change or are subject to flukes and flaws and karmic flux.

Obviously divination isn’t a science, since it can’t play by empirical scientific rulesets. Yet I wonder what amount of divination can’t just be ascertained by expansive insight or knowledge of things. You know, an ability to perceive someone’s karmic lineage way far off into the distance, like what saints and arhats can do, or like the famed yamabushi ability to intimately perceive diseases or curses plaguing another person. Ultimately everything can be understood as karmic fluxuations. But how the frik do we get our minds to see to the very finest levels of being?

Ah, but I ramble! It is more interesting, seeing a cat at the vet. My feline in question is a house cat, which makes trips beyond the front door ever more disruptive to his psyche. I wonder how he perceives the vet. You know, the only place he’s ever been except our house is the vet. He might think the outside world is a population of veterinarians. It reminds me of that Philip K. Dick short story written early in his career, from the perspective of a dog who thought the garbage men were stealing possessions from his family. He couldn’t figure out why the family wasn’t concerned that all this delicious food was being stolen from them every week. Sometimes I try to perceive the world from the perspective of an animal, or try to feel people’s presences the way an animal would. I don’t constantly do this, but it is a worthwhile practice to empathize with animals.