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Everybody wants their cake

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Been reading a lot about Jodo Shu/Pure Land Buddhism lately. It sounds a lot like Christianity to me: everybody goes to paradise as long as they can faithfully recite Amida Buddha’s name out. Even the negative actions of a sinner cannot stop a true believer in Amida’s Pure Land from going there. Amida’s Pure Land is also locate in the west. Why the west? I couldn’t tell ya. Well, I do have my own speculations on the matter, but they’re worthless even to me, much less to you, lolz!

I gotta say, though, this whole deal of thinking heaven and paradise are somewhere else and you get to go there miraculously for being a good little lamb — I don’t believe it. Not because I don’t believe in paradise, but because I don’t think you’ll have to wait around to go there once you see it. When it happens, it happens, kapicz?

In fact, the whole problem of getting to paradise is a lot like the whole problem of learning to relax and issue power in Taijiquan. The only way we can issue power is by focusing on relaxation, so the only way we can go to paradise is to focus on… …. ….

Okay, I don’t really have much of a point here, but think about this! For some reason, everybody (and I’m not just generalizing) builds up chronic muscle tension in their back, hips and shoulders over time. This eventually leads to back problems and serious back pain, joint pain, etc. which further builds up depression, listlessness, and so on. But instead of getting up every morning and going through some half-hour routine to deal with this inevitable physical pain that accompanies existence, most people complain about it or want some easy solution later in life when it builds up and finally hits them. Which, again has some kind of analogy to yearning for paradise, though again I am slow and not quite getting to the …

Oh well. Paradise actually doesn’t exist, because if we conceptualize it in advance, it’s not paradise.

Pity Me, Smart People!

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I think I’m just too dumb to read Nietzsche. Not to dumb to get it of course, but too dumb to read it. Wordy stuff like Friedrich Wilhem is a real headache for this uh, wizard. I make super slow progress through his translated works.

Personal shortcomings aside, his whole schtick about pity got me thinking. You know where he talks about how the master classes pity the slave classes, and the slave classes pity themselves so they create a new imaginary value structure based on divine salvation, which excludes the master classes and condemns them? Of course you do. What he’s saying is that the slave classes are inferior in their strength of will and cannot be considered as equals by the master classes, because the master classes gauge everything by strength of wills. Indeed, the master class’ very existence and position in life is dependent upon their strength of will, so they cannot compromise their drives to let a weaker willed person survive. And likewise this would merely betray a weak drive… Survival of the strong, etc.

Of course, this exists in modern society, but not so blatantly (i.e. with physical violence). And it also made me think, isn’t everything just a case of one duality pitying the other? ‘Cause you know, slave and master classes are just another duality. They’re just another dancing cosmic pair who need each other, who have the explosive love-hate romantic relationship that functions relatively smoothly but occasionally gets nasty with bumps in the road when one side gets too greedy.

Think about it (I sure hope all you smarty-pants who can read Nietzsche already have): Master classes pity slave classes, humans pity animals (particularly dogs!), the smart pity the dumb, the strong pity the weak, the beautiful pity the ugly, the happy pity the sad, the talented pity the clumsy, man pities woman, the rich pity the poor, and on and on and on and on. Not that this is empathy, oh lawd no! This is pity, which means there is a notion of pathetic qualities of the pitied party which the pitying class is aware of. And in each case, the pitied class also pities itself! I mean, this was Nietzsche’s whole complicated point, so I don’t need to really expound upon it.

Oh hell, I can’t help myself! The master class, or class that pities the other, in pitying them manipulates them by pretending to be empathetic to their plight! That is, if they truly felt empathy for the slave classes, they’d be of the same class! They’d be manipulated into that pitied position! It’s kind of like one of my classic intuitive insights: in order to rule people effectively, one must separate oneself from them. One cannot be emotionally attached to or tied to anyone they rule over. Imperium indeed! Hitler and Goebbels knew what this was all about…

This leads me to some dangerous conclusions about religion. I say dangerous because knowing this stuff can make a person nihilistic or incapable of following religious practice. So, if you practice religious stuff right now and don’t want your mind to be smooshed into jelly at the revelation of intuitive cosmic truth, stop reading here.

For you brave, foolish souls left — I am thinking that religion serves the purpose of gradually boosting the pitied/slave classes’ morale and emotional balance until they themselves can arrive at the point of being members of the master classes. The problem is that a lot of people don’t have the karma or chutzpah to get there in this current incarnation, and a lot of people have to be excluded from the master classes, so most of us are stuck in the slave classes. But the goal of religion as a tool for the common person (of effective, honest religion, anyway) is to create a healthy view of self in the practitioner.

Hmm, I guess that’s actually not so profound. Isn’t that what I believe about everything? Martial arts, religion… they’re all supposed to teach a person how to be independent from others, how to rely on oneself, without being manipulative of others. So… yeah, I guess I’m not an evangelical Christian or anything since I don’t think blind faith will really help you unless it develops into something more pristine. Blind faith is for the slave classes. But what is crazy is how there are a lot of people in powerful positions that don’t care about other people that do have the blind faith of the slave classes.

Another headache, am I right?

Career Marriage and the Next World

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I’ve heard that if you start a business, you’re married to it. It’s a focal part of your life as long as you’re running it. And the same can be said of most serious careers. Many people seem to be married to their careers, to the extent that they neglect or put off having children. Portions of their lives suffer for their career, which is sad when the career is just for money.

Generally, people want super powers, or to be enlightened, or whatever else. But they also want sexual adventure, fame, and financial fortune. Since it’s pretty damn hard to achieve access to both groups of things, people have to choose wisely (or not so wisely) between their goals. Society at large seems to venerate sex and money, so most people aspire to achieve those in quantity.

People don’t usually think monks are cool. Or the idea of giving up sex just seems beyond them. The thing is, monks (and hermits, priests, wizards, and so forth) are married to a spiritual career. Too many people get obsessed with sex or money to the neglect of everything around them, and monks have that zest too, except it’s pointed at realizing reality beyond conditions.

But you know…it’s not a matter of being a monk or nun. It’s a matter of being married to a wholesome path in general. Lots of folks are married to a path they can’t even see or don’t know anything about, and yet they continue diligently down it. Too many folks are absolutely blind.

That is, too many of us dull the mind in our daily activities. One of the main reasons monks give up possessions, sex and social pleasures is because those things are in direct opposition to a calm mind. Those things ultimately create a tempest where it becomes impossible to tell whether you want to pursue your desires or not; a situation where the individual falsely identifies his/her desires as part of a self.

When you’re in love, ecstatic or infatuated with something, time eludes you — it slips through your fingers. And so do those things or people you love — they disappear eventually. And sometimes the love for things disappears first.

What kind of path can you be married to that won’t spurn a frivolous love and won’t disappear even after you die?

Isn’t it weird…

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…that westerners can be tricked into thinking Buddhism doesn’t function as a religion? As if it functioned differently from other religions? As if Buddhists were any less deluded than Christians on average? Well…. hmm….

I think there’s a lot to be had from studying Buddhist thought, but I think likewise is true of Western religious practices as well. Nobody has the humane syndrome consolidated under one roof, ya dig? Like, I don’t know if the Tibetan Buddhists have got such a leg up on Socrates in terms of actual understanding of reality. Or maybe Socrates was an asshole, we’ll never really know.

What I will admit, is that I think Buddhism has the firmest and clearest elucidation of the path to “stainless reality” over any other body of philosophy. And that the further developments of Mahayana Buddhist philosophy do even more of this, indicating the various stages and accomplishments of the bodhisattva. So it’s like a gauge by which one can measure themselves and other figures in terms of insight and accomplishment.

Still, I’m not a Buddhist. And I don’t bow down to nobody, unless they’re exploding with compassion and willpower, and even then I’d rather just hang out with them and try to get their positive traits to rub off on me. And those divine character traits are hard to catch; usually when you think you’re in the presence of one of those peeps it’s really ’cause you’re bewitched.

Just remember — if there’s a conscious judgment in your mind of someone’s quality, you in no position to decide! Spontaneity is the way to be!