Humanus Vampyrus

I remember I asked one gongfu teacher if he found that, after becoming accomplished at Taijiquan, he still was preyed upon by socially manipulative people, energy vampires, and so forth. His answer was, “less and less”. This, keep in mind, was the same dude with the weird energy powers I described before. Not like he could heal illnesses, but hey — I’ve always found bodily tension comes right before the onset of viral illness or a weakening immune system.

But what the hell is up with “energy vampires”? Who are these people? What is their problem? Oprah throws this term around a lot — “energy vampires”. So it’s pop-culture; play along even if you deem it baloney, empiricists. The truth is, most people (especially genuine schizo-crazy people) don’t realize that they are totally draining and “malicious” presences. I’ve had friends (even still do) who are completely draining on every possible level — total black holes of emotion — who manipulate you completely if you don’t have “space” from which to recognize, dodge, or deal with their maneuvers.

Being draining is not the same thing as simply being angry, either. For instance, I’ve found a lot of manipulative people actually get there through seriously deep depressions — like almost catatonic-level mental obsession. People who are obsessed with the weird, disgusting, reactionary aspects of existence. Depression is not really the right word for it, but an overwhelming obsession, or psychosis, with experiencing the macabre, the diseased and destructive. Not that there’s anything specifically “bad” about it.

I was talking to a friend the other day, discussing the development of serial killers, sociopaths and psychopaths. He was positing that so many disturbed individuals are led to their sadistic actions because they cannot intimately relate to anyone else. They feel isolated environmentally, but also have great difficulty relating to other human beings, let alone animals and other creatures or beings.

Many of us feel this way at certain periods in our lives — for instance, during serious bouts of depression, or after certain events have taken place — usually tragedies, major life changes or serious disasters. But these mental periods can be reflected upon and later be useful learning experiences. Someone who undergoes mental illness can often do so because they have been stuck in these mindsets for extremely lengthy periods, until such lines of thinking become the default way such individuals relate to the world at large. The inability to feel for others or to relate to them or care for them seems like a very hellish existence.

I actually found in my younger days (as if I were so old!), before I had lots of magical mental energy to spare (as if I had any now!), I was almost more sensitive at perceiving the emotional or energetic nature of most people I was around. But, because I was drained and depressed by default, I was pretty quickly influenced by or privy to the presence of other people. Nowadays, I understand what my teacher was saying, because as one develops space and energy in the mind over a long period of time, one is aware of the influence of others without being manipulated by it or attaching to such activity.


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