100 Posts of Solitude

*gasp* *pant* *wheeze* I made it! *hack* 100 posts! *cough* A real achievement here at WS HQ, considering: (A) life is suffering and (B) I’m perpetually disheartened and demoralized by my insufficient writing ability. So…. pat yourself on the back, ‘Smoke! You’re a survivor! (Thus far…)

Now… the Olympics are a weird tradition, full of creepy events (underdeveloped teenage girls in skimpy leotards doing horrific contortionist acrobatic maneuvers) which are all at once alluring, intoxicating and yet so utterly empty and soulless. Which pretty/strong young things shall we sacrifice to the gods this time around? Nationalism is pretty dead, yet the Olympics trudge onward into oblivion — because the gods need to eat!

I think some things are cool in the Olympics, but the athletes (at least in the individualized events) have to sacrifice their youth to get to that point. It’s a celebration of the pinnacle of physical achievements, but at the same time it means nothing because it is so fleeting. Never mind the natural physical dilapidation from old age…

Hee hee, that’s why I sorta scoff at the team sports, full of typical twenty-something jocks. No way is the pressure cooking on these punks the way it is on the 15 year old girls competing for China! Consider the insane performance pressure put on the underage girls; I bet those kids need affirmation and approval from adults/superiors for the rest of their lives.

If you ask me, the Olympics are basically only the lunatic performance/race events: gymnastics, track/field, diving/swimming, etc. The team sports are just there to make it longer. ‘Coz who really cares about that team stuff? Team stuff is losing track of what the Olympics were all about: “wrestling” matches to the death! For real, old school Greek wrestling was basically kill or be killed: anything-goes nude fighting.

The Olympics also make me think about the fact that sports are male-created military simulations. Sure, it’s obvious — especially when you look at football and rugby and so forth. But! the main point is: the only difference between sports and actual battle (besides the obvious intentional deaths) is that sports have rules. As soon as you add rules to a competition it pretty much becomes identified as a sport.

People want their kids to play sports in order to develop “sportsmanship” (whatever that is), and be social and healthy. But really they want their kids to be competitive — to triumph over other kids. It’s also an opportunity to dominate a place in the social hierarchy and so forth. As Conan might describe it, “To crush your enemies, see them driven before you, and to hear the lamentation of their women.”

In the end, the Olympics are a huge letdown. All moments of glory — they’re so… bittersweet. The moments of Olympic glory seem a little overdone/phoned-in/commercialized, but all heroism is ultimately the same in the way it is so fleeting. Total gangland warfare!

Of course, the real letdown of the Olympics in the USA was the horrible, horrible coverage by the NBC-affiliated TV stations and the conniving, racist American commentators. And where was the Judo, Tae Kwon Do, archery, fencing? And most importantly — why didn’t one channel show every single women’s volleyball match? Why did we miss a single one of those matches with their consistently captivating, uh…. volleys? For shame!


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