Support your local, uh… “wizard”

I’ve gotta say, even though I can’t write (I’m no Benjaministi), I kinda like my blog. It’s really too bad I’m so poor; otherwise I’d spruce this baby up! Get some colors going on, handsome fonts, flashy widgets, the whole shebang. Alas… my self-induced state of poverty has stolen my potential…

But wait! Maybe if I put up a little Paypal donation box you could all send me a few dollars for each post you read. Yeah! That would be great! My own e-collection plate. I’m a holy guy, right? You’d follow my religion, wouldn’t ya? I’m sure one of my *cough* many readers has lots and lots of spare cash to unload on a *COUGH* handsome guru.

Ah, but I don’t like the idea of a guru. Because gurus have such a weird relationship with disciples, for the most part. A lot of gurus have tons of students and then expect some kind of personal loyalty. Ye-ha, right! A lot of gurus are people who realized they didn’t need a guru and also realized they knew how to run a business. Sketch!


One Response to “Support your local, uh… “wizard””

  1. I missed this originally but thanks man, you’re not bad yourself.

    Coincidentally I’m presently reading “Feet of Clay” by Anthony Storr, a book about gurus.

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