Movin’ on up

Lately I’ve noticed an increase in my intuitive perception. Basically, I just look at people and start to feel things about them — their background, personality, etc. Stuff that fits in with cold-reading and the like. But I say feel, because it’s the awareness that’s beyond the time-space/physical senses. Just like in Taiji push-hands, the kind of “soft” all-encompassing awareness you have; eventually this expands into everything in life.

And you know, this also made me think some more about the “as above, so below” Hermetic dictum. All physical existences carry “soul” or “qi” or “prana”. When we come close to something, we experience the flavor of their being, of their spirit. I don’t think the spirit itself exists on some physical level, but the physical level communicates and channels the spirit. So, when someone with a hellish, disturbed mind comes close to us, we begin to perceive this realm on a spiritual level. Likewise with a peaceful, energetic person.

At this point one realizes that, the physical world is just going through various invocations of the emotional and spiritual world, and that the plethora of beings and energies that inhabit the universe appear as clearly in our world as in the “next” one.

Everyone has this perceptive ability, but most of you are probably good-natured enough to just keep it to yourselves! Still… I’m a weenie who needs daily affirmation, so I write about it in an online diary. Maybe I’ll even share it with you some time!


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