Trying Broken-hearted

I think one thing that Stefan Kosen (one of Deshimaru’s dharma heirs) said that really resonated with me in the documentary, Le Chant du Dragon, was that it is absolutely necessary for him to take time to enjoy life. We all say that of our own lives, but he was talking about enjoying the small rewarding things. I.e. stopping to smell the flowers and all that cheesy (but true!) stuff. Isn’t taking a moment to be pleasantly aware of one’s surroundings just a way of basking in the present?

As an example: one of the great underrated or unrecognized pleasures of life is sitting on a bench and watching people go by. Each person tells a story! In fact, the deeper your intuition, the more of a person’s flavor and background you can catch through these brief glimpses. It beats the hell out of television! Sure, you run the risk (especially these days) of looking like a creepy weirdo, but take your simple luxuries while you still can! One day either you or the world will no longer exist. *gulp*

Because I always think about this stuff, I often spend so much time keeping up with friends and pursuing rewarding skills that I forget to make money. I would call myself a dreamer, not in that I have concrete ideas of how the world should be (like John Lennon seemed to define it), but in that I am so enamored of the bliss of cosmic potentiality that I forget about worldly ambition! Actually, maybe those definitions of a dreamer are not so different… If one is only in love with the potential of the cosmic muse, one is not at odds with the world or society, isn’t that right? (Eh heh heh, but on a more tangible level, a dreamer is at complete odds with society!)

But really — dancing with the cosmic muse is constant awareness of the perpetual change taking place throughout the conditioned universe. In this world, one is never content by a fixed or static experience, and yet change is so painful, hard or scary.

I think the sunset is such a perfect manifestation of life’s bittersweet melancholy. The whole experience of life is merely a day under the sun. Yeah, the only thing more beautiful than a sunset is watching a sunset with other people.


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