A precarious balance

Just whose dream is it to make everything equal? People who suffer!

Seriously, despite everyone wishing for equality (it’s the PC thing to do!) I wager that most smart people would not sacrifice their intellect for this change, nor would rich people sacrifice money, nor would the artistically inclined sacrifice their artistic ability, the beautiful their beauty and on and on. And rightly so perhaps, because then life would just be like the underworld or Niflheim, like the river Styx or the yellow springs. It would be colorless, without variety, just gray and boring. I mean, the world is already a drab place with listless shades. Now just think of what it’d be like if we closed Pandora’s Box! Holy moly! No more drama! And no more me!

So, if you’ve been following this blog, eagerly anticipating every crumb of a post that falls from my jazzy fingertips, you probably caught a connection between the Nietzsche Slave-Master relationship and this inequality everyone secretly desires. Think about it, people want equality but only when things are going badly for them. Nobody wants to give up the good things they have. And I don’t just mean possessions, I mean the seriously good stuff. The precious gems of the human experience. Because what’s the point of that? Equality? And ultimately, won’t we even have to give up the divine or wholesome things to get to some “higher existence” (presuming that is a goal)?

Sure you might find examples of people who gave everything up, or gave up a good life to find the truth but that’s different. I do not doubt that giving up one’s role in society, sex (speaking as a boy), roles of power and authority, or wealth leads to a deeper happiness. I do not doubt that one bit. What I’m just wondering about is equality. I don’t think there’s a way human society can create this equilibrium. But that’s not so pessimistic, if you’ll hear me out.

I think that, realistically, unless people can get outside of their bodies and spacewalk the cosmos or see what it’s all about (and yes, I’m aware that the jhanas are not the end in themselves, I’ve already nailed that one, thank you very much), they’re inclined to just get bored once their lives are running smooth or peaceful. In fact, most cases of people becoming nasty dictators, overbearing parents or murderous madmen, they develop from people with idealism to improve the world. Isn’t that like, every supervillain ever? Don’t they always want to change the world, usher in some new generation or era? Stereotypical bad guys tend to want some kind of megalomaniacal control over stuff.

Of course, someone always stops them. Somebody…dumb. Haha! Well okay, that’s a little harsh, but I don’t know who these people are who sacrifice themselves for the pure good of society. Not that I wouldn’t do it myself, but it’s usually for worldly reasons that they do it, right? Who else would be aggressive or an ass-kickingly violent go-getter? Not monks. My guess is the typical hero either has something invested in society (wife/girlfriend, family, kids, power, money, etc.) or has completely obliterated the self and cares little for the self as an individual but sympathetically realizes that other people have not yet reached this point. Or, they’re just bored, which also means they’re nihilists. After all, what are nihilists if not bored out of their skulls?*

And, if nihilists are always bored and the equality of all people is boring, does equality create nihilistic notions? I’d say the most cynical people in the world are citizens from industrialized upper-crust societies. Existence is pointless when everything is equal, right? Or it just can’t exist in the first place.

So maybe equality on earth is some mythical goal. I’ve heard salvation is the construction of those who suffer, or something. What a painful idea! Seriously, doesn’t that one just get you in the gut? Salvation: just a construction! *chokes back tears*

I’d say, it’s not that it doesn’t exist, but that it doesn’t exist purely as salvation or what-have-you. It’s more like, you mature spiritually and gain a taste for the finer things in the fabric of the infinite. As Edgar Cayce said, “you don’t go to heaven, you grow into it.”

Enough! Or too much…


*stealing this conclusion ’bout nihilists from Ubiquitous Che

5 Responses to “A precarious balance”

  1. Fair enough analysis, but I somehow feel you are addressing something of a strawman. While “equality” is indeed something of a PC mantra, I don’t think that people who are sincerely advocating equality are advocating the unqualified practically ontological equality you are addressing here. Rather, they are inevitably advocating a specific form of equality.

    I agree with the general thrust of your views in that totalitarian control often lurks behind the drive for “equality” and utopianism (and you hit the nail on the head when it comes to the religious overtones of many movements; Marxism for instance is basically a secular, Hegelian version of Christianity), but I think there are also perfectly legitimate movements for a qualified equality.

  2. Can you provide more details as to these specific forms of equality put forth by equality’s sincere advocates? I’m kinda confused.

    As I said, I think the desire for equality is a reaction to perceiving imbalance within or around oneself. So it makes me think, does equality exist on its own accord and does anything actually exist when everything is equal?

    “One lives, another dies — this is what makes life beautiful” –Alfred Mombert/Warm die Lüfte

  3. I suppose I’m looking at things in a less—-metaphysical?—way than you are; I mean people who advocate for things like economic equality or racial equality. If these advocates are intelligent and sincere (which, to be fair, is a rare combination) than they’re not asking for (or expecting!) a negation or elimination of difference, but rather for a kind of parity of opportunity (if that makes any sense). I hope I didn’t sound like I was totally disagreeing with you, since I do think you bring up a good point.

    Regarding balance, I think balance is attainable is perhaps the ultimate goal in all of life.

  4. Haha, in other words, your perspective might just not be insane!

  5. Oh, I doubt that. Just a different form of insanity, maybe? ;)

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