Energy Vamps Attack

Modern gurus aren’t going to turn anybody away. That is, so long as the person in question isn’t really messing up his/her lineage (a la Michael Roach in the case of Tibetan Buddhism) or doing something really terrible (surprisingly not Aum Shinrikyo in the case of Tibetan Buddhism). The deal here is that, whether or not the guru has huge, explosive compassion for everyone, they’re not going to turn someone down simply for being a manipulative person, so long as the “energy vampire” plays by the rules in the guru’s presence.

Trust me, I’ve seen high-quality supervillains who get the blessing to teach from some top-dog gurus. The scariest manipulative people are the ones that are just soulless. You know, they got nothing in their eyes, no empathy whatsoever, no pause for personal gain. People for whom compromises are not compromises, but merely opportunities to get ahead or get more power. And yet… I’ve seen these guys get transmissions!

What is a manipulative person? For obvious cases, I’d say pretty much anyone who revels in personal propaganda. I.e. they can’t stop telling you how much awesome stuff they do, how accomplished they are, how happy or content they are, how many great wonderful spiritual experiences they’ve had, how many spiritual gurus and cool people they’ve met or chilled with. The list of annoying things they do goes on and you get the idea. There’s also the negative versions of this, but I’d say all manipulative people need or desire attention — or some other person to dance to their tune.

(I know what you’re thinking: “Wizard Smog, that just describes a resume!”. Well you’re on to something there, gumshoe! Peruse that line of thought a bit further…)

Newsflashery: having a picture with a guru doesn’t mean anything. Just because you meet a guru for a photo doesn’t mean they like you. And it doesn’t mean anything at all, really. It’s like meeting any celebrity, albeit one who is spiritually rockin’. Which is cool, but how much time can you spend with a busy famous person and get their magic to rub off on you? Not much. That’s what I always think now when I see videos of Hatsumi teaching at his dojo; like what the elite Bujinkan teacher Kacem Zoughari said: there’s a difference between showing techniques and teaching them.

When people brag about how they met some holy person, I can’t help but roll my eyes…uh metaphorically that is! That’s right, I’ve got no sarcasm or ill will here, no siree… *WS desperately washes his hands in an effort to clean away the guilt*

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