Keep on searchin’ for that rainbow!

Apparently after people work at a treasured goal for years and years and then finally accomplish it, they are prone to incredible bouts of depression. You know, building up something in the mind for a long time, it never happens and has the “juice” a person thought it would have.

Well, no shizzam, right? Anticipation is the best part of life, so some would say. To give a good solid example, Bill Bryson, in A Walk in the Woods — just one of his many fabulous books, talks about how a lot of hikers trying to tackle the whole Appalachian Trail will take 5 or 6 months in the process of completing it. Their whole life for half a year is just hike, hike, hike — from Georgia to Maine. And then they finally finish, only to be set upon by a vivid drought of existential meaning. Hahaha! It’s almost like they were Sisyphus and they just finished pushing the rock up the hill! Now they’re all mopey looking for another rock to push, but they’ve spent so much time away from typical social and civilized life they don’t know where to look next!

So do you think that happens to people after enlightenment? Like, a person gets the most extreme depression hangover of all time? Nah… that would be kind of dark! So I guess that’s what happens when you finally become a demon. You know what I mean? ‘Coz people are always talking so big about how bad people go to hell or whatever. Maybe they just flutter around without a (metaphorical) rock to push for a while.

Being a demon must be the biggest disappointment ever.


2 Responses to “Keep on searchin’ for that rainbow!”

  1. Lucky for us mortals life is never short of obstacles to throw in our path. There is no other side to the mountain!

    I’m also a Bryson fan, though I’d like to see him go off the beaten track a little more – perhaps Mongolia.

  2. Or there is another side, but it’s not that great. Still, you gotta be disenchanted before you can figure it out, right?

    And Mongolia?!?!

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