How can I go on? (more anonymity)

As you may have seen, I did an amazing post about anonymity recently. I think anonymity is a pretty interesting concept in general. As long as one is anonymous, truly anonymous, one does not have a concrete identity. Wouldn’t you say that’s the case? Even a supposedly anonymous online identity is not completely anonymous so long as you’re interacting with other people to some degree. It just becomes another identity you create, a further manifestation of your ego, your duality.

So, by my reasoning, as soon as you have any identity you cease to be completely anonymous. And to conclude that train of thought, anonymity represents the sea of endless identity-potentiality. It almost does not — or cannot — exist.

When we talk about maintaining anonymity, it can only really refer to blending in with the mass or crowd. We have no independent or unique attributes assigned to us. So… on some level we can have an identity and be anonymous if we cause no attention to our identity. But then what is the point of it all?

I think Hatsumi is always referring to ideas along these lines in his books on ninpo. I think this is what people mean when they talk about being able to become invisible. Serious illusions work on this level — they draw your attention away from minute details so that your perception is dulled. Actually, all illusions work on this level, but to varying degrees of subtlety and manifestation.

A basic example (which might apply exclusively to males?) is when you see a group of girls walking together. The larger the group of girls, the more attractive they seem — as a group. This is because your mind tacks together all of the attractive qualities of these women in your sense field. But upon closer investigation, one realizes that no single individual is particularly attractive. (Sorry if that sounded sexist. I’m still a schoolboy at heart, I guess, hahaha!)

The same example can be used with almost anything. Individuality is more like a unique series of flaws. We see other people in life and society and we think they are happy or productive or functional or healthy, but upon deeper investigation it is revealed that they are all equally “damaged”.

Isn’t that so wickedly strange? Our imperfections are our definitions? I mean, sure we all have our virtues too but virtues seem to evade definition. Perfection doesn’t exist. Or it does, but its existence is non-existence. Or something.

So, when people are forced into having identities, it’s functioning to point out the imperfections of the individual. Individuality is imperfection, and imperfection is easy to criticize. Having internet identification, or mandatory voting cards, or whatever else: these are methods to control people. Isolating them from the fluidity required to have energy.

Simply shine a light on a single person and point out their flaws and the rest will eat him alive. The fundamental methodology of politics and media.


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