You can’t HANDLE the truth!

What’s all this business about truth? How is truth even an idea? I mean, we have no conception of truth and yet it’s this constantly invasive succubus of the human experience. The apple of our collective eye: objective reality! And then even when it’s experienced, it can’t be communicated without a subjective explanation or presentation (to say nothing of the subjective impressions others would take from it). Pretty weird.

From what I’ve gandered, truth is tied up in belief. Like, truth can’t exist without some sort of substantial belief in its existence. So, truth is some kind of essence, some kind of boiled-down objective definition of things; it’s a definition humanity is obsessed with. This is why everyone humps the leg of science so much, (although actually math is the real objective deal) because we seek to find some sort of objective experience to agree upon.

Of course, science only creates an objectively agreed upon set of measurements, whereas we can never actually agree upon the nature of our experiences. Science isn’t going to tell us which composer is the best, or which person is the most compassionate or evil, or why we exist. Science can’t tell us what love is, where it comes from or how to cure love-sickness. And aren’t those the kinds of things we really really want to know?! Boo, science! Boo-urns!

So truth is an illusion. Unless… our illusions are holding us back from perceiving truth?! What’s funny to me is that none of this is worth writing about and contemplating, unless you’re getting a humorous kick out of it. Seriously, who are we kidding? We’re not getting anywhere close to truth in this post. If anything, we’re getting more confused. Especially with this guy on board.

Basically, you make your own truth. You make your own reality, The Secret, Oprah, blah blah blah. Eh… no, but seriously — you create the effluents of your mind and your abilities. Problem is, most people don’t know that and when they get a glimpse of it or see it prematurely, they just want stupid shallow junk out of it (hence Oprah’s promotional stance). Magic powers are actually for poor people (only ascetics have them, lolz!!!). You could also say they’re for people who possess a filthy rich imagination.

If ya believe in something strongly enough it can become true, right? The problem is people have weak belief. They believe in something desperately. They really want to believe they’ll go to heaven, they want to put their blind faith in someone else. Of course, at the same time if you believe in something long enough it colors everything that surrounds you. So…no matter how stupid and miserable your beliefs, they can still adapt to and manifest within your surroundings by virtue of the limited (or is that unlimited?) perception of your mind. Which makes you wonder why any religion is any better than another, since the individual is just placing the whole damn universe within the context of a limited religious view and then coloring the universe with that filter.

I can hear you now: “Oh Wizard Smoke, your observations are so quaint and obvious.”

Well then here’s a question, smarty-pants: after you realize that everything is just a matter of your own belief — that all actions and abilities are simply self-lulled states of hypnotic belief which are manifestations of cosmic potential — can you still believe in things? Or does that leave one completely empty? I mean, can you follow through with something without thinking there’s some fantastic goal or ending waiting for you after the task is done? Or is that the magical moment of hishiryo, where the notion of beginning and ending all drop away?


7 Responses to “You can’t HANDLE the truth!”

  1. parallelsidewalk Says:

    I actually just did a post on The Secret.

    I have a co0uple direct truth experiences but honestly even they were a bit confusing later, and I can’t explain them without sounding like a total retard.

  2. Ha, must be something in the air today!

    I almost feel like… the truest experiences are the one’s created by the people will the strongest will or ability? Of course, doesn’t that sound suspiciously like “bullshitting”? I.e. believing in your own agenda and power over everything else, no matter the logic or reason behind it.

  3. Well done, dudester. Now I want to run down the halls of my philosophy department screaming about succubusses and leg-humping.

  4. parallelsidewalk Says:

    There was a lot of controversy around the guy, sometimes for good reason, but Yogi Bhajan’s style of teaching really resonates with me on some level. “You were born stupid and you’re going to die stupid” kinda sums it up.

  5. >>“You were born stupid and you’re going to die stupid”

    Even if I follow his teaching and tradition?!


  6. parallelsidewalk Says:

    Especially then.

  7. “Fake it till you make it.”

    Or faith is the act of pretending you have faith until pretending becomes reality. This insight comes up in so many contexts: it’s a secret hidden everywhere. But then Orwell said it requires constant effort to see what is right in front of our noses.

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