Kids? An Accomplishment?!

Life is so weird. When people are perfectly content there’s nothing to talk about. Nothing to do. That’s stillness and enlightenment for ya. Like I’ve said here before, life seems fundamentally based on distractions. But what are we being distracted from? There’s nothing to do in the first place! Actually, when you stay in tranquility long enough, you start to forget that you’re living perfectly peacefully. It becomes boring, so you reach out and eat some junk food or read dirty magazines. And pretty quickly, those things become the focus of the day. They’re the driving factors. That’s how people end up with kids.

There’s something crazy. Kids! People have kids. That is nuts. Nowadays most wealthy people want a career set up first, but I don’t know if you’re supposed to have both. Of course, we don’t want old-money families to be the only rich people with kids. Then it would be like feudal times all over again! Aye carumba! So everybody juggles kids and a career and doesn’t really raise their kids. Blah blah, we all know this by now…

So everybody wants kids. I have a little theory I’ll share, just to be interesting. It might offend those of you emotionally clinging to your bodies. Of course, I feel for ya, ’cause we’re all there aren’t we? Anyway — I think a lot of people have kids because they haven’t any sincerely pursued creative/artistic achievements or accomplishments in their life. They haven’t created anything admirable that they can look back upon. That’s what Ikiru was about. Having a kid didn’t salvage the creative remorse.

Isn’t procreation a creative impulse? Haven’t all the philosophers talked about this, about the expansive sex drive of the artist? Even a monk or hermit is pushing a stronger desire than your typical socially-inclined bi-pedal human, except they’re just pushing it past their sexual desires.

People desire kids out of an attachment to the incompleteness that every single person feels because they’re human, because they have a fleshy form that appears physically separate from the bio-sphere. Not that I’m like, bashing procreation, that would be silly. But it is simply the fundamental artistic/creative impulse. A wild effort for purpose and meaning! That desperate and real shot in the dark!

Think about it – children come into being out of (creative) desire. People have desires, things that pull them away from stillness or “wu-wei”. Hishiryo (non-thinking) is disturbed by desires, whether they’re spontaneous or pre-meditated ones. That desire which creates a newborn child, it is not purely the parents’ desires. It comes into being as an agreement – a karmic act that the parents and future being share. In other words, it is karmic retribution in the lineage of a previous being, one which manifests via the desire of the parents in question. I say lineage of a previous being because rebirth is like that: it’s referring to a karmic lineage, more than it is to any consistent personified manifestation.

People do too many things in life which have serious karmic repercussions (reverberations) and so they echo beyond one lifetime. Most of us don’t have the insight or realization to see or stop those reverberations. So they manifest in the desires of other beings, who then share karmic relationships. Beings associated in rebirth are often connected by karma, not specific personalities or tangible space-time materials. Karma isn’t necessarily good or bad. It’s simply the rhythm of reality. Ha! I act like I’m the expert…

When beings can control rebirth, I think it’s generally because they perceive the various realms of energy and ideas that manifest in the mindstream. Thus, through shaped intention, beings take future births in according realms of the stream. So, more than there’s any one perfect heavenly existence, it’s more like there’s streams of reality that people begin to manifest through their long-term efforts.

The problem with attaching hope to this incompleteness of existence and interchanging procreative energy thru it, is that the beings that will spring out of ourselves are the results of our most subtle desires. In other words, the strength and quality of the desire at the time of procreation will determine the karmic agreement that brings the child into existence! And it isn’t that easy to make a conscious decision. I can’t be some sickly nerd with a drug problem who projects, “I desire an NBA star!” when I’m sleeping with my one-and-only! There’s more subtle stuff going on. If I’m lying to myself, it’s still going to count in the procreation. And the energy and genetic world I’ve reached toward with all my actions is going to manifest in my offspring.

Everybody idealizes their kids, though. Most people expect their kids to grow into certain traits and personalities that they never will. That’s why the best parents don’t set boundaries and limits on their kids. The best parents don’t necessarily have kids out of emotional insecurities or a weak sexual coil. You know? That whole quote from Zos, “weak sexual desire yields a sickly offspring”-type thing.

Real accomplishments are so weird. Just doing the smallest things that make a person feel good about themselves… it remains with them throughout the day, like it was a significant accomplishment. One can wake up early and do a bunch of errands or practice something they love to do, and the rest of the day feels so eventful. And nothing happened! You just woke up and did stuff. Crazy!


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