Tales from Outer Space

It’s funny, in science fiction there are always so many tales of aliens coming to Earth to destroy or invade. Realistically though, it seems more likely that Earthlings or humans would do that to some other race, doesn’t it? Mars rovers, Saturn probes, all of that junk — they’re just scouting out territories for more resources, really.

Tell me honestly, what good would come of finding some other physical race of beings? Sure, it would be a nice novelty for a month, but then people would start fighting or getting racist/xenophobic or would try to take over the foreign planet(s). Legal issues would be a nightmare, so a state of war would be declared. It’s quite predictable and I am so sure there is tons of sci-fi literature on the idea. Fact: people only go to other planets looking for resources to steal.

Looking and hoping for intelligent life elsewhere is a perfect example of lazy, distracted motivations. And can you imagine the preachy, romantic, nonsense newspaper op-ed pieces we’d have to read about those expeditions when they turn into greedy wars on oil? Ugh…

On a related note, as we all well know by now, our planet isn’t going to be worth a damn in a few minutes. Some day soon, aliens won’t even take a second glance at our planet (if they ever wanted to). People are destroying the Earth, humanity is like a disease on the planet, cats and dogs are living together — it’s absolute madness. We’ve become like a malignant growth that is threatening to topple the whole biosphere by thriving in an ignorant fashion.

If we don’t destroy the planet through pollution in the next 40 years, we’ll definitely have other problems as the generation growing up now raises kids of their own. That’s going to be the penultimate generation of slackers whose machines do everything for them. Does humanity even want to escape The Matrix they create?


One Response to “Tales from Outer Space”

  1. parallelsidewalk Says:

    ‘I’m tired of this back-slapping “Isn’t humanity neat?” bullshit. We’re a virus with shoes, okay? That’s all we are.’

    -Bill Hicks

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