Sexy Culture

To see what a culture venerates, one must look to their art. The objects of veneration are the first subjects to stir artistic expression.

The real moral dilemma with modern, Americanized society is the great emphasis it places upon sex and violence. People tend to forget that ages in which sex and violence have been glorified were in fact very dark ones. Historical records of events are never as clear, life is cheaper and we are left with little to work with regarding the time period. I do not think that sex and violence are inherently good or bad, but the concentration on them as objects of worship is not a healthy practice. Many in modern society do not follow such an approach and sneer at religious dogma, as if dogma and the people manipulating it were at all related.

Over-exposure to sexual and violent imagery leads to a desensitization of strong emotions and mental states; one’s self-control is damaged and the perpetual hunger for these modes of thought has been expanded and deepened.

People should remember – the reason religion was able to manipulate so many people was because people had so much blind faith in its established body. Likewise, with science or modern medicine, a large movement of blind faith will erode the quality and sincerity of its leadership. When people kill in the name of God, or on some crusade, it is really just missing the point.

I also think the “flying spaghetti monster” issue (raised by “bright” men like Richie Dawkins) does not understand religious philosophy or beliefs in any thing other than a purely juvenile capacity. God is a perceptual experience that transcends common sensory awareness or emotional states. When people kill in the name of God, or curse God, or say “I’m God” it demonstrates the same level of foolishness as fundamentalist zealots. So! I have to congratulate Mr. D for debunking religious belief using critical thinking that’s on the level of a middle-schooler.

God doesn’t really translate into english language appropriately. Since the goal of western religious practice is to become one with God, it doesn’t make any sense at all to propose God as some sort of figure with a concrete identity. People who treat God as a distinct identity are far too fascinated with distinctions between the self and others or the environment. This goes for religious and non-religious folks. An awareness of God leads one to recognize the lack of permanent self in everything and so breaks down the barriers of clinging to God as a single identifiable thing. When people disagree with this it is because they haven’t understood this for themselves. Or maybe I’m just making it up as I go along — muahahaha….

People seem to think the holy life and the holy experience are dressed up fantasies from a long time ago. It seems pretty reasonable and smart to investigate spiritual beliefs at this point in time, where it is the only logical thing to do. You can have as much sex and violence as you want, but it never ends and your hunger grows as you lose yourself in a constant feeling of dissatisfaction. So what else is there? When you try to validate your sense pleasures as being natural or reasonable or healthy, it is just the sense pleasure arguing for its own existence in your mind. sometimes you can use these things to get the right things accomplished, but this rarely happens.

There’s an old joke that the best government is a dictatorship, but the problem is that no one has gotten it right. I think it’s related to this post, but I don’t really remember how.


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