The Answer to Philosophy: Empty Universe!

Well, I thought I’d point out that Empty Universe is an absolutely killer website. Every thing’s laid out really well in big fonts, all easily accessible, with a bunch of philosophical explanations and translations of Buddhist texts from various traditions. Oh, and not to mention nice, smooth, refreshing energy coming from the whole thing.

Sorry to sound like a schizo/new-ager with the energy angle, but I had to describe the site adequately! And I hope one day someone will put up western philosophical texts on a similar web site, with energetic vibrancy comparable to say, Access to Insight or the aforementioned site. Philosophical texts are just so dry!

I suppose that’s in line with the inherent nature of western philosophy. It’s an academic form of expression. Here the soul is imprisoned and, in some cases, even sacrificed for its very ejaculation! Why, just look at Nietzsche…

And what’s the role of western philosophy? I know a few folks who really tried to assuage all their mortal insecurities by accumulating an encyclopedic knowledge of the philosophical canon. You’ll run into a lot of occultists and religious folks who did this too. Hee hee, I’m not completely innocent myself…

The problem I concluded upon is that philosophy doesn’t propose a concise method or a practice – it’s just rumination upon all of the lines of forethought that exist. And it’s getting more complicated over the years. It’s the art of thinking and expressing it. It’s literary art, rather than any compendium of answers to life’s mores and woes.

It’s hard to be a philosopher these days. And a lot of philosophers can get too caught up with being a man/woman of letters: they care too much about being esteemed. For, what can you do in society with philosophical expertise but be esteemed and teach at a university? Go on to study law, or maybe be an “astral duelist” (they’re the same thing, right?).

I like philosophy. It’s enjoyable reading, but it’s also kind of dangerous. It can make your mind complicated! Unlike television.



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