Expert Friend-Maker

You gotta learn to be social, especially as you get older. Being social is cool, but I’m more fond of having friends. You know, the beings who come around without expecting any kind of gain in status, prestige, position or material? Friends are those. But socializing and making friends are not the same thing (uh, duh!). They’re maybe related, but different.

Socializing and making friends (building relationships) are skills you hone like anything else. You get better at them over time. That’s the one golden piece of advice that the silly, slimy pick-up artist types will give you: there is no perfect person, but there are really good relationships. Those PUA types are always spouting about how, if you’re just trying to get smooth at tackling the ladies so you can nail that one girl you’ve had a crush on for your whole life, it ain’t gonna work. Because when you’re inexperienced in relationships, the relationship usually won’t work out so smoothly no matter how strongly y’all are attracted to each other.

And yet a lot of you younger elitist types are probably sitting around, lamenting about how life got so dull or painful thinking, “if only there were more cool people”, or “I’ve just never met a girl that was cool”, or “I’ve never met a nice guy”.

Well, you can take that baloney and eat it, kiddos. Those elusive “cool people” or “cool girls” or “nice guys” that everyone seems to think they’re looking for… when you find them, they’ll be unavailable or incompatible with you for some reason or another. People become good friends often because they’re so different, you get me?

Sexual attraction isn’t everything in these relationship things, or so I’ve heard… You need to practice relationships to get better at them. And don’t get the wrong impression! You don’t need that much practice…


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