Tantric Meat and Potatoes

Here’s the deal: I’m not a big fan of turning my soul over to other people. I’m not into letting other people lead me by the hand. And I’m sure as hell not about to willingly give up my body to a bunch of random spirits that aren’t from my neighborhood.

You know what else? I don’t like all this talk from religious folks about “the highest wisdom” or understanding. Sounds nice, but the practice of having tantric sex with female consorts to promulgate worshiped deities so they can live on in our samsaric world and further continue to have a bunch of tantric sex under holy pretexts sounds like a scam to me.

What pisses me off is those people will resort to saying, “this is the one true way” or “this is the fastest method”. I’m just saying, if there’s a faster method to reality, there’s a catch. I know guys like Bradley Warner don’t have much in the way of an extensive vocabulary or particularly profound view or artistic expression, but he’s right when he says you can’t let people do your work for you. If there’s a tantric method to speeding up awakening you’re either (A) getting possessed by a foreign spirit or entity or (B) being fed an illusion of what the primordial state is and working from there or (C) being fed a placebo. That’s fine if it works, but you still didn’t get there yourself, and even if you’re just being given an illusion that’s not that much different than a mushroom trip.

And to say “you don’t understand this method until you’ve experienced it” is making a lot of wily, denigrating claims about other people’s experiences. It also sets off an alarm in my mind. I, like many others on the path to reality, have looked at sutras, black magick grimoires, done a lot of shamanic drugs, met martial arts masters, done various meditations, qi circulation, Western hermetics. I’ve also been to a lot of haunted locations, shrines, battlegrounds, and war and pagan burial sites. I don’t think I’m incapable of figuring out when something is a spiritual possession, ya know? And for those who are wondering, I’m not a pervert about finding these energies, nor am I an obnoxious encyclopedia of knowledge.

I’ve realized, I can’t wake up by throwing my faith in some other person. Faith is only real when it comes from personal experience and insight. And even then, you have faith in your path as achieving the specific results you want to achieve. It’s not some flawless path with flawless results while it exists in the world. I agree that there might be a level of experience or dwelling that involves something beyond comprehension on the conventional level of existence, but it’s still a path you create for yourself and it arises out of faith. On some level, people are creating their own truth. When belief in truth is strong enough, it will manifest in a multi-dimensional reality.

I’m not necessarily trying to rag on people, and I’m not deluded into thinking I’m so wise or that I have all the answers. Still, I know a few things that are worthwhile. Being a good person is worth doing because if you don’t do it, no one else will. The reason people are cynical and jaded and resentful of the world is often because they themselves are not such great people. Being good is largely a product of taming the mind and pointing it towards worthwhile pursuits.

So, if you lie and lust after sex, food and want to make a lot of money, but somehow get fucked over… it’s not such a surprise because it’s not like you were a particularly good person in the first place. You didn’t have your priorities down clearly in a way that would allow you to foresee calamity. Not that you deserved a beat-down, but being a good person takes very strong conviction in improving things for the best, can help one avoid or deal with problems, and doesn’t result in some kind of radical, shallow or politically-correct goodness.


One Response to “Tantric Meat and Potatoes”

  1. amberfireinus Says:

    Very interesting. I agree wholeheartedly. Its you alone who can find the light… no one can turn on the switch for you. They can only turn you on…lol

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