Isn’t it weird…

…that westerners can be tricked into thinking Buddhism doesn’t function as a religion? As if it functioned differently from other religions? As if Buddhists were any less deluded than Christians on average? Well…. hmm….

I think there’s a lot to be had from studying Buddhist thought, but I think likewise is true of Western religious practices as well. Nobody has the humane syndrome consolidated under one roof, ya dig? Like, I don’t know if the Tibetan Buddhists have got such a leg up on Socrates in terms of actual understanding of reality. Or maybe Socrates was an asshole, we’ll never really know.

What I will admit, is that I think Buddhism has the firmest and clearest elucidation of the path to “stainless reality” over any other body of philosophy. And that the further developments of Mahayana Buddhist philosophy do even more of this, indicating the various stages and accomplishments of the bodhisattva. So it’s like a gauge by which one can measure themselves and other figures in terms of insight and accomplishment.

Still, I’m not a Buddhist. And I don’t bow down to nobody, unless they’re exploding with compassion and willpower, and even then I’d rather just hang out with them and try to get their positive traits to rub off on me. And those divine character traits are hard to catch; usually when you think you’re in the presence of one of those peeps it’s really ’cause you’re bewitched.

Just remember — if there’s a conscious judgment in your mind of someone’s quality, you in no position to decide! Spontaneity is the way to be!


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