O! What a world!

The world isn’t perfect. It’s samsara, baby. A one-way ticket past every station on the line and then some. If you want to get off, you have to really earn that freedom. I’ve heard someone wise say that the gods respect a quiet mind…

People are always out to get you, it’s true. You can’t trust ’em. But if you see everyone else as a threat or try to prey on them, you’re making the world worse. You’re a part of the problem.

You can trust some things: good, well-chosen friends and close family, plants and animals, upstanding courageous people. Oh, and karmic law. This isn’t grim either — it’s nice to have some things to depend on! Plants give without asking for any compensation, whereas animals live by basic instincts and have predictable emotions and loyalties. It’s humans who (in their current formation) have the ability to differentiate between virtuous and non-virtuous deeds, and whom often choose ignorance. This is why a wasted human life is such a miserable mistake.

Society seems like a vicious beast, out to crush you. Like a mob, it operates without compassion and has only eyes for a certain kind of result: society just pursues opportunities. But what are opportunities?

Society works this way because everyone is a part of it, and everyone needs to survive. If your subjugation is an opportunity for someone else in society to get ahead, an attempt will certainly be made to compromise your position. This is why careers in politics/organized crime are lunacy. You have to be a real sociopath to pursue those avenues, because they consist of stepping on everybody else whenever the opportunity arises, and constantly mingling with people who are in no way close to you. Everyone else in that business has the same strange dreams of commanding others. And while everyone needs to survive, a person doesn’t need much power or wealth to do so.

But I digress: society is out to get you because everyone in society is looking for opportunities to get ahead in society. This includes you, presumably. Remember that any time you present an opportunity for someone else to get ahead, they’ll take you up on it.

This is alluded to in the finer martial arts: a real martial artist doesn’t look for openings or opportunities in combat, but creates them by presenting illusory openings for the opponent/uke/duifeng to enter, thus temporarily (and naturally!) creating an opportunistic space to move into.


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